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COATS Wheel Balancers

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    Medium Truck Kit for 40mm shaft

    ProblemSolver!  Medium truck wheel mounting kit for balancers with a 40mm shaft. Includes SPACER RING and LARGE CONE. The spacer ring allows the mounting of "offset wheels" found on trucks with dual rear wheels. The cone size covers 4.72" - 6.85"...

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  • Photo of Coats Wheel Balancer Accessory; 28 mm standard wing-nut.

    28mm WING-NUT kit,for Coats brand. 8309091

    WING-NUT KIT for Coats brand wheel balancers that have a 28mm Double-Thread (see below) shaft (OEM). Fits the following models IF THEY HAVE THE ORIGINAL 28MM ( ~1.125") SHAFT: 700, 800, 825, 850, 925, 950, 1000, 1001, 1025, 1050, 1055, 1250...

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  • 3 CONE SET for 40mm shaft

    3 PIECE CENTERING CONE SET for Wheel Balancers with a 40mm diameter shaft. Covers 1.65" - 4.39" (42mm - 111.5mm) center holes. Cones (except the smallest one) have a lip on the small side to keep wheel from dropping on shaft while mounting and...

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  • 4 CONE SET for 40mm shaft. 20-1167-1

    4 PIECE CENTERING CONE SET for Wheel Balancers with a 40mm diameter shaft. Covers 1.65" - 5.20" (42mm - 132mm) center holes. Cones (all except the smallest one) have a lip to help prevent wheel from dropping onto the shaft while mounting and demounting...

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  • 40mm X 3 mm, QuickNut WINGNUT, Turning Handles.

    Haweka ProGrip QuickNut WINGNUT for 40mm X 3mm shafts. Has TURNING HANDLES which are a must for Hand-Spin Balancers; but they are helpful on any machine. Fits some Accuturn, Beissbarth, Coats, Corghi, Hunter, and Sicam brand Wheel Balancers. Includes...

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  • CALIPERS, Wheel Measuring. WB309011

    Wheel Measuring CALIPERS for all brands of Wheel Balancers. Used for measuring the RIM WIDTH which is a required input on many balancers. OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: WB309011, 309011, 8309011, 110007, FMC 61123.

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