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Wheel Aligner WHEEL CLAMPS and WHEEL CLAMP PARTS for all Wheel Alignment Machines.

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  • CASTING for Hunter wheel clamps

    Replacement wheel clamp casting. Can replace either the upper or lower casting on Hunter wheel clamps. Requires the correct threaded bushing and lock ring which can be taken off an existing (your old) casting.OEM / Aftermarket Equivalent: 149-278.

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    Photo of 20" Wheel Clamp Upgrade Kit for Hunter Wheel Aligners. Photo of 20" Wheel Clamp Upgrade Kit for Hunter Wheel Aligners.

    Extension / rebuild kit for Hunter wheel clamps.20"

    ProblemSolver! 20" EXTENSION & REBUILD KIT for Hunter self centering wheel clamps. Increases the maximum clamping capacity from 18" to 20" (20" inside OR outside). Or add new larger style castings and increase the OUTSIDE clamping capacity to 22"...

    Was: $440.00
    Now: $380.00
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  • EXTENSION KIT for Rim Studs

    ProblemSolver! Rim Stud EXTENSION KIT for Hunter Wheel Clamps. Set of 8 extensions. Allows the wheel clamp to "straddle" protruding hubs like those found on the front of dual wheeled trucks. Extensions easily snap over the existing stud.OEM /...

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  • EXTENSIONS, Hunter wheel clamp, 4

    Wheel clamp extension set. For Hunter (and some other) brand wheel clamps. Extends maximum wheel clamp size by 3". Does not fit older Hunter "Cam Lock" Wheel Clamps (the ones that use a "T" Wrench to expand and contract.Set of four.OEM / Aftermarket...

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  • Mag Wheel ADAPTER, set of 8

    Set of 8 Mag Wheel ADAPTERS for all Hunter Wheel Aligners. Allows you to mount the wheel clamp from the outside of the wheel.OEM / Aftermarket Equivalent: 20-551

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  • PIN, Cam

    Cam Pin. Used on older Hunter Engineering brand wheel clamps. This is the part that the "T" wrench turns to expand or contract the clamp. Replacing often solves the common problem of clamp not expanding or contracting enough to mount securely on the...

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  • RIM BUTTON (Rim Stud), older Hunter

    RIM BUTTON or RIM STUD for Wheel Clamps on Older Hunter brand Wheel Aligners. Threads into the casting. Includes the o-ring that retains the optional adapters. OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: 134-50, 134-50-2 .

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