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Compressed AIR TREATMENT for Corghi brand Tire Changers.

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  • Tire Changer Parts. Air Filter, Regulator, and Oiler


    Compressed air FILTER-REGULATOR-OILER assembly. Specifically designed to add or replace units on Tire Changers. Has outlet port between the Filter/Regulator and the Oiler so you can use un-lubricated air for the Bead Seating and Inflation functions of...

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  • Photo of part TCATU-2000M-LR Combination Air Treatment Unit for Tire Changers.

    Combo AIR TREATMENT UNIT for Tire Changers

    Combination AIR TREATMENT UNIT for most Tire Changers. Filter, Regulator, Gauge, Port for Un-Lubricated Air, and Lubricator. Includes mounting brackets. Rugged METAL BOWLS for Filter and Oiler. 1/4" female npt ports (in, out, and out un-lubricated)...

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  • FILTER - REGULATOR Combo Unit, 1/4". AW3000-02

    FILTER - REGULATOR Combination Unit. Has 1/4" NPT ports in and out; and 1/8" NPT gauge ports (plugs are included for the gauge ports). Gauge ports are on both sides so that you can install the unit with the in/out ports left to right or right to left...

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  • OIL, Air Tool & Tire Changer. Pint.

    OIL, Air Tool & Tire Changer. Pint.

    Tire Changer and Air Tool Oil. Suitable for the in-line Air Oiler / Lubricator on Tire Changers and most other shop equipment that benefits from lubrication in the air supply. Made in the USA. FUCHS LUBRITECH's AIRLUBE brand. OEM / Aftermarket...

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    Compressed air LUBRICATOR - OILER for compressed air. 1/4" NPT ports in and out. Automatically injects an adjustable amount of oil for the maintenance and protection of air operated tools and equipment. Sight glasses allow user to view the amount of oil...

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  • REGULATOR, Compressed Air; 1/4", 88 scfm

    Compressed Air REGULATOR, 1/4" npt (pipe thread). Rated at 88 scfm (standard cubic feet per minute). Maximum inlet pressure 150 psi. Adjustment range 125 psi. Includes GAUGE and BRACKET. OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: 8183424, 4198951.

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