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BEAD BREAKER and related parts.

Parts for the BEAD BREAKER on AllTool brand Tire Changers.

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  • Air VALVE, bead breaker dump 4199671

    Bead breaker air DUMP VALVE for many Coats, All-Tool, Ranger, Hofmann, & McCourt Silverline Tire Changers. Quick Releif Valve for Coats model 9010 & 9024. OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: 4199671, 84199671, 3005320, 5509173, 5509172,...

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  • Air VALVE, foot controlled, bead breaker. 2002528

    Foot controlled AIR VALVE assembly for the Bead Breaker on some Hofmann and AllTool brand Tire Changers. Plunger rod has one narrow section (different than valves that have two narrow sections). To check your valve, pull the plunger rod out and look at...

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  • Photo of Tire Changer Seal Kit BW-1211-63

    SEAL KIT for Bead Breaking Cylinder. BW-1211-63

    SEAL KIT for the Bead Breaking Cylinder on many models and brands of rim clamp tire changers. Fits many Coats (RC-1, RC-5, RC-10, RC-15, RC-20), Corghi, & All Tool tire changers.OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: BW-1211-63, TI115  AllTool:...

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  • SPRING, Bead Breaking Cylinder. 3000124

    Bead Breaking Cylinder SPRING for AllTool and other brands of Tire Changers. This spring is mounted behind the BB piston and pushes the piston back after the air is released. Dimensions: 3-3/16" diameter, ~12" long (length measured when new, used...

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