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ARM RESTRAINT PARTS for all brands of Vehicle Lifts.

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  • Photo of ShopEquipmentParts part BH-7508-22A Arm Restraint Kit for Rotary 2-post lifts.

    ARM RESTRAINT KIT, for Rotary

    Kit for all the replaceable ARM RESTRAINT PARTS on many Rotary lifts. One kit is for one arm. Four kits required per lift.Large gear has elongated mounting holes for adjusting the mounting position; increases the ability to align the gears properly for...

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  • GEAR, Arm Restraint, Large

    Large gear for arm restraints on many Rotary lifts. Has elongated mounting holes for adjusting the mounting position. For lifts that have a 1-1/2" diameter arm pin. (SPOA9, SPO9, SPO12-10, SPO12-11, SPO12-12, SPO12-20 thru SPO12-28, and others).OEM /...

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  • GEAR, Arm Restraint; Large.

    Large Arm Restraint GEAR for many un-branded imported lifts. Common lift model number TP11KAC.Note: Does NOT FIT Rotary or Challenger brand Lifts.OEM / Aftermarket Interchanges: TP11KAC-3014.

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  • KIT, old style Rotary Arm Restraints

    Service KIT for old style Arm Restraints on Rotary lifts. Includes Ball Handle, Spring, and Plunger. Has upgraded heavier spring to improve arm restraint performance. Fits the following Rotary models: SP55, SP84, SPO84, SP94, SPO94, SPOA84, SP88, SPO88,...

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