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Protective BOOTS & related parts

Protective BOOTS and related parts for AMMCO brand Brake Lathes.

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  • Ring, brass, spindle boot

    Brass collar for spindle boot (arbor end) on Ammco brake lathes. This ring holds the shape of the boot and acts as a bearing allowing the arbor to turn while the boot does not.Replaces the old Ammco 3034 ring and 3595 spring.OEM / Aftermarket...

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  • Spindle boot, rubber.

    Rubber spindle boot for Ammco brake lathes. Fits Ammco models 3000, 7700, 4000, and 4100. Can replace either the left or right spindle boot. If replacing the left (arbor end) boot, ensure you have the brass ring and that it is in good condition. The...

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